Executive and Leadership Coaching

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Executive and Leadership CoachingExecutive and Leadership CoachingExecutive and Leadership Coaching

Build Your Confidence - Be Inspired and Forward Thinking - Be Successful and Savvy

Katrina Van Dopp, Executive and Leadership Coach guides top level professionals and executives to their highest potential working together in goal driven accountability.

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You can work toward goals and achievements on your own, but
working with a coach and accountability partner accelerates your
success. But what are your goals? What is your life’s
passion/your life’s work?  

Discovering your passion requires accountability as well. Being
more accountable, finding your passion, becoming your best self, running your company more effectively, and turning higher profits is only achieved when working with a top notch leader and Coach who can guide you on your path.

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Primary NAICS Codes:

541611 Administrative and General Management Consulting

541612 Human Resources Consulting Services

541613 Marketing Consulting Services

611430 Professional Management Development Training


"Due to the negotiating skills and objective approach, DN was able to prevent the loss of materials revenue while still satisfying both parties, resulting in the award of a nationwide maintenance contract with first year value worth over $2 million."

M.M., Project Manager, Comprehensive Technologies International, Inc.

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